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Is It Important to Choose the Right Cardboard Box for the Job? Ask Amazon!

There are many reasons why your business should endeavour to use the right size of cardboard box for each delivery. These include safety for the contents and the minimising of the transportation and internal packaging and filling costs. There are, however, two other important considerations: public opinion and the environment. Continue reading


Safety Benefits of Bespoke Pallet Design

The timber department at Holmes Mann has recently designed and built a complex palleting system to be used in the transportation of oil-rig components destined for ocean platforms. This type of bespoke design can be essential for ensuring that products and equipment reach their destination in first class condition, but the danger of using the wrong kind of pallets can be even more serious than damage to goods - they can be deadly. Continue reading


Store Cardboard Boxes Safely

A large part of our business involves cardboard boxes, and so we spend a huge amount of time extolling the virtues of this particular packaging choice. Yes, we think that boxes are best, but as a responsible manufacturer and retailer, we also feel the need to focus from time to time on the serious matter of safety and the need to protect your staff, premises, livelihood and wider community when storing cardboard boxes, either after or before they have been used. Continue reading


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