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Reuse and Recycle to Save Cash and the Planet

A huge proportion of the waste generated by UK businesses every year is made up of cardboard. The stacks awaiting collection can take up a lot of space, and their disposal can make a huge dent in your budget. There is also the strain on landfill sites if this cardboard is not recycled effectively and the cost to the environment when trees have to be cut down to create boxes and packaging materials. Continue reading


Ten Things You Never Knew about Corrugated Board and Paper

Corrugated paper is seen by many as simply the perfect packing material for keeping delicate items safe. There is much more to corrugated fibreboard or pleated paper, however, not least a fascinating history and great potential for the future. At Holmes Mann, we’re firm endorsers of corrugated stuff, so here are ten fascinating facts you didn’t realise you wanted to know about corrugated paper — until now. Continue reading


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